Dear Friend:

In a sense, you could be advertising to goldfish and leaving your business vulnerable. I'll explain in a moment.

You and I know that despite the rosy spin offered by politicians and pundits; this nightmarish economy continues to limp along.

When the "happy talkers" speak on the evening news, they have no credibility. It's pure baloney!

If you buy this shuck and jive routine, I wish you luck…and plenty of it.

Dream on, cowboy!

Here's the reality…

With money and pride on the line, the vast majority of small business owners find themselves slugging it out for their very survival. The need to grow your client base and demolish your competition before they lower the boom on you is mission critical.

It's time to move…

Now, you're probably wondering…

According to a recent survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation, the average attention span of an adult consumer is just (drum roll, please)…
That's right; you have a mere nine seconds to prove you're most worthy of your prospects attention…and ultimately, the recipient of their life-long business.

Furthermore, the BBC study states that nine seconds is also the equivalent attention span of…

Talk about short attention span theater.

It's no secret the average adult is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. One estimate I came across put the assessment at 4,000 marketing messages a day.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a higher number than that, how about you?

To top it off, nine seconds is all the time you've got to get noticed by the very people who need to hear from you most with traditional marketing methods.

My name is Jim Raposa. I've been marketing, in one form or another, since I was 13 years old. For the record, that's more than 30 years (ok, perhaps considerably more than that.)

Starting as an on-air Radio Personality, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, Commercial Producer and former Advertising Agency Owner, I learned the importance of properly connecting with a potential consumer, and turning prospects into customers for my clients - and my own business interests.

Over these "thirty-some" years, I've developed a prosperous track record of successfully bringing customers and clients together for a wide-ranging roster of businesses, across a vast list of occupational classifications.

Since I've been at this game a while, and from numerous positions including marketer, consultant and copywriter, I feel uniquely qualified to share some profit making advice with you from the inside.

If your advertising isn't doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your bottom line; you could be robbing yourself blind.

Making matters worse is the crowded marketplace itself, where your prospects will see or hear your message…

As we've seen with the goldfish attention span, each time your advertising message is seen or heard, you have an astonishingly brief opening to persuade someone to hear your pitch and step forward as an extremely interested and qualified potential client, customer or patient.

Are you heavily influenced by what your competitors are doing? Maybe you've "borrowed" heavily from a similar business in another city or town for ideas on how best to tell your story?

Way too many business owners see someone running a certain kind of ad and decide to copy it.

Ponder this: What if the marketing message you've latched onto from someone else isn't working for that business owner?

Do you know if they tested that ad first?

Did you test that ad first?

Sounds like a financial risk to me.

More important, what if what works for "advertiser A" (due to their unique needs) doesn't work for your business?

Are you running ads with pithy (and annoying) jingles, goofy animation or an unclear message or headline? I've got to tell you…

Your potential a-list clients won't buy into boutique or ego-gratification marketing like this; and I mean your ego, not theirs.

No, my friend, they'll tune you out in just a few seconds.

Nine of them!

Why play "follow the follower" with your advertising message and budget?
I'll bet you can be just as vicious when deciding where to spend your hard earned money, too.

In a booming economy, people usually trip over themselves to spend their cash. Not so in difficult economic times like we're in; people are cautious.

They want to know that each dollar they spend with you has value written all over it.

Give the wrong impression with a frivolous marketing message - or the wrong message altogether - and you're toast in nine seconds flat.

As a business owner, it's more important than ever that your marketing and copy connects properly with the right people. It must deliver a customer or client, who is pre-sorted, pre-sold and ready to spend money with you.

What if your copy could weed out and speak ONLY to prospects pre-determined to buy your product or service, and…

It's easier that way, and it would save you time, hassle and wasted ad circulation dollars wouldn't it?

What if your marketing was so targeted, that it so fascinated your ideal client or customer to the point they couldn't help but bring their business to you - not your competition?

Every business needs to create revenue for obvious reasons. If you pay any attention to the financial press these days, there are plenty more reasons why you need to strengthen your bottom line.

In addition to business and personal necessities, you must also have the business income to satisfy sudden expenditures, not to mention desperate and aggressive financial debt satisfaction methods currently being discussed at the Local, State and Federal Government level.

This is not a time to pretend its "business as usual" out there.

That horse left the barn long ago.

We're talking about your very business and personal survival here; possibly the very survival of future generations of your family.

Solve this business building riddle and you'll be impervious to money stress, because you'll be able to…

What is this "magical" marketing method?

It's not magic, but the results are magical. Direct Response Marketing provides something no other form of advertising can: trackable return on investment (ROI.) You'll know with conviction which ads, which copy and which media works best for your message.

And you can use Direct Response Marketing across all forms of media - and for every type of business.

Direct Response gives you the ability to prompt probable clients, customers and patients into action; to raise their hand, to step forward - identify themselves and request more information on your product or service and start doing business with you.

Direct Response is almost stealth in nature, too. That's because your competition probably isn't doing this, so you fly under their radar.

Fact is, much of what works best in Direct Response is almost counter-intuitive to many business owners. Let your competitor go broke with image advertising while you take the business they left on the table.

Oh, please don't confuse Direct Response with sending a coupon in the mail. There's more to this than meets the eye.

Frankly, numbers can vary based on your offer, type of business, etc. However, the professional marketing organization reports:

I should note that the people responding to your message are not the folks who MIGHT show up if your locked into traditional image advertising.

See, with Direct Marketing, or Direct Response Advertising, you make a very specific offer to engage a specific, ready, willing target audience: your ideal target client.

Most business owners miss out on returns like this, because they're more committed to looking a certain part with image advertising.

That's the marketing equivalent of "keeping up with the Jones."

What I deliver to my clients is a system that targets the starving crowd in your particular niche or profession.

Imagine no more bottom feeders or cheapskates showing up at your doorstep…no more "potential clients" slipping through your fingers; just trackable results for you and your business. Oh, and CASH business, too!

This is wickedly effective marketing.

If you need business leads that are screened exclusively for your business, do you think you could sacrifice "image advertising" in exchange for the cash and customers poised to come your way with Direct Response?

Great, keep reading.

As television's Doctor Phil would say: So how's that working out for you?

Ironically, today's most popular media platforms (social websites) are among the worst performing and least accountable media. At least the way 98.7% of people approach marketing via social media.

A good many businesses - big and small - bought into the fairy tale that all you had to do was put up a page on a social media site and customers would beat a path to your door.

If only it were THAT easy…but it isn't. And the new age social media mystics will never tell you that truth. In my humble estimation, only a rare handful of marketers have cracked the code to using social media as a marketing tool.

Yes, Social Media can give you some presence, but using it to produce profits and paychecks requires more effort than just putting up a fan page and hoping those likes and on-line traffic convert to business.

On their own, those likes and followers don't jingle, fold or spend like cash.

You can't deposit your number of "likes", "followers" or "site traffic" into your bank account, either.

You and your business can only survive and flourish with customers and clients who spend money. Those are the only metrics that count in your marketing, whether on-line or off-line.

Where social media is concerned, I find more misguided information being preached at social media marketing seminars, webinars and in the many hapless and helpless books published on the topic.

It's no wonder so many business owners using social media ultimately find themselves on a long, hard and frustrating road.
Sure, they get likes and followers…but there is a hierarchy within the framework of social media, which successfully takes these people into your domain with the goal of converting these leads into clients.

I know how to effectively incorporate social media as part of lead generation funnels that stick - and create revenue. My results are booked appointments and business.

While your competitors are stuck trying to figure out how to Facebook their way to a fortune with "likes" and "followers", you'll be growing your business and your bank account with a deliberate Direct Response marketing campaign, designed for your distinctive business requirements.

You might think this would be the case, wouldn't you? After all, you probably spend a great deal of money with them.

Here's a dirty little secret exposed: That's not what you pay them for.

With all due respect, most Media Sales Representatives have one goal: to sell you advertising - not to dispense the best marketing advice for you.

Here's another dirty little secret: when the account rep from the coupon mailer, newspaper, yellow pages, radio, TV or other media outlet shows up…they have an agenda…
And as nice as these folks might be, they're mostly trained to push Image Advertising, not Direct Response Advertising. By the way, image ads are not designed to be trackable.

Since these ads are not trackable, the account executive and the companies they represent have seen to it, well in advance, that they're off the hook of responsibility when a traditional ad fails to deliver the goods for you.

And if the ad fails, YOU STILL PAY.

It's funny; years ago I worked for radio stations that wouldn't take business or air commercials with tracking phrases, special phone numbers, etc. The mindset has changed somewhat since those dark ages.

You have to wonder, though: What are they afraid of?

If you've ever run a traditional image ad that completely bombed, you've probably been told by an ad rep that the problem wasn't the ad…it was you!

In their world, you didn't buy enough "impressions", or they'll say you need to buy even more of the same ad that didn't work to get those impressions. "It's the economy" is another chestnut of theirs.

The doublespeak from these folks is stunning!

You may have even been told that you're not really advertising to make money; your goal should be "cumulative exposure"…or "return on engagement," or some other similar babble.

My friend, that account rep is hiding from you - and their responsibility.

If you've been told any of that gobbledygook, you have not been given sound marketing advice, nor have you been sold advertising…

With the right copy, combined with a well-planned Direct Response campaign, your advertising can be harnessed to create a predictable sales funnel time after time.

I'm talking about a true business asset that performs at your command, now and for years into the future.

This is like generating…

Finally, you'll be in the driver's seat, advancing your business endeavors.

This is YOUR break…YOUR chance to steal the ball in your industry or profession.
You'll notice that I said, I MIGHT be of help to you.

See, there's no way I can possibly be so bold to say that I WILL HELP you, without first having knowledge of you and your business goals. 

While first gathering some necessary information on you, your business and goals, we can also explore our ability to click…to work with one another. From there, provided we're a good working fit, we can begin to unearth the unique story of your business, and who best to direct your marketing message to.

None of my marketing aptitude or accomplishments means much if I can't help YOU, this is why we start by discussing:

We'll then develop copy, tactics and strategies to optimize your marketing/advertising based on what is known to work. We'll test scenarios which will become the components of your unique marketing toolkit.

We'll also seek out cost effective methods of increasing your revenue. Hint, nearly EVERY business has a hidden vein or two (possibly more) of untapped business waiting to be discovered.

And damn few people know how to uncover these hidden gems, let alone know how to properly turn a hidden revenue stream into a working asset
I will NOT accept you as a marketing or copy client of Raposa Media if, in consultation, it seems we would not be a good working fit for one another, or if it seems unlikely that I can help you attain your business goals and desires.

I only accept clients I sincerely believe I can help; otherwise we're potentially wasting each other's time, resources and your money.

This isn't being mean spirited or arrogant. If I don't feel I can help you, I'll tell you so, politely and courteously, maybe with a few specific marketing suggestions to help you move forward.

In order for us to work together, you and I need to be equally serious about the success outcome of your business marketing.

Be Very Afraid If you're Not Adept at Advertising, Copywriting, Marketing or Appealing to Prospective Customers and Clients.

I've thrown a great deal of information at you in this letter; all of it necessary - all of it for a very good reason. Owning a business or professional practice isn't a formula for marketing yourself and your business properly and effectively. That's my specialty.

Here's the deal, I've sold face-to-face, door-to-door, by phone, on-line, by mail, via broadcast, person-to-person, in conference rooms, in board rooms and in print for more years than I care to admit.

This is real world experience that counts. I take it seriously when clients across the country decide to marry their money to my suggestions, strategies and written copy.

I've learned the secrets of what works, and what does not, through personal experience in my own business ventures, and by teaming with others - mentors in Direct Marketing. This is not a place for budding amateurs.

It is neither haughty, nor pompous, for me to state that my marketing efforts have, directly or indirectly, resulted in aggregate sales in the tens of millions of dollars for numerous…

True, in order to have the best possible copy in your ads and marketing materials, you'll probably have to pay more for a good copywriter. Ditto for developing lead generation and sales funnels - you could try the "do-it-yourself" route, but why take the risk?

It's worth it to bring a professional and experienced copywriter and marketer into your tent; especially when you consider that bad copy and poorly designed business generation systems serve only to waste your precious time, dollars - and worse: cost you sales.

Bluntly stated, I deeply wish for you to see a major return on your advertising dollar that can be tracked and leveraged into business success, now and the future.

Confidently, I trust you share that wish, too.
No matter where in the United States or Canada you live and transact business, the
next step is to set aside some time for us to talk…about you.

I encourage you to share your story with me about your business and where you'd like it to be. Let's start exploring the next steps available to optimize your business marketing and profits.

The initial consultation is free, and there's no obligation on your part. And if we do work together, you'll get a $500.00 credit toward your first marketing or copy project with me. To be fair, I'm not likely to leave the $500 credit offer on the site for long.

Time Is of The Essence!

My office number is: 417-334-8156. Remember, I'm in the central United States time zone. Or CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail.

It has been said that ideas are great and information is important. While that's true, the right action is vital in today's economic and business environment in order to avoid being stuffed into a financial body bag.

Isn't it time YOU took control?

What you need are more and better prospects, customers and clients. They are out there, and they want to do business with you.

Do you know how to reach out to them effectively and build a wall of trust around your potential clients, patients and prospects, making you and your product, service or practice the only reasonable choice to fill a need or solve a problem? 

Isn't it time to finally have the business or practice you always hoped to have?

I strongly urge you NOT TO WAIT until you're struggling to keep your head above water. By then, it could be too late.

Call Me for an Initial Consultation,
A $500.00 Value

My direct office number is: 417-334-8156. Please keep in mind that I'm in the central United States time zone.

CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail. You may choose to fill out the information box below for a return call.

This offer for a free initial consultation and $500 credit can be taken down or changed at any time. If you're on the fence, ask yourself if you can ill-afford a "business as usual" attitude, or if it's time to start going after better clients, customers and patients who can help your business (and you) become a true success in the annals of your industry or profession.


My direct office number is: 417-334-8156.

CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail.

Or fill out the information box below.

Thanks for your time.

To your increased profits,

Jim Raposa
Raposa Media
Branson, MO

That would probably create a boom in new business for you, wouldn't it?

Even more exciting, we haven't even considered the likely revenue stream available from happy clients with customer referrals or untapped revenue concealed in your client files.

In these challenging economic times, doesn't it just make sense to know your advertising is like a giant electro magnet?

Just switch it on and crank out the moolah!

The alternative is, well…

The choice is yours: more of the same…or a dramatic and positive leap forward.

I have been utilizing Jim Raposa's services since 1995 with exceptional results. It's one thing to market when business is booming and see positive results, Jim has also consistently helped bring customers to my stores during challenging economic times.

In the competitive retail business I'm in, that says a lot. For my money, Jim Raposa is very creative on crafting a concept and bringing it to fruition.

Rick Blase,
Rick's Ranchwear
Canfield, Ohio
(Stores in Ohio, Florida, Tennessee)

I was directed to Jim Raposa and Raposa Media during the organizational and planning stages for our Annual Fundraiser Benefit in Atlantic City, NJ in May of 2013. This is our major source of revenue for the Schultz-Hill Foundation, which funds our mission and projects that serve the arts and education in our community.

In developing the marketing, promotion and PR for the event, Jim was hands on and always filtered the best ways to add to our bottom line and attract a large number of supporters and contributors. His efforts directly underwrote one of our best fundraising efforts in recent years, raising $125,000.

We will use Jim Raposa for our marketing projects again. We've found a great partner in Raposa Media.

John J. Schultz, Co-founder; and
Gary L. Hill, Co-founder
The Schultz-Hill Foundation,
Atlantic City, NJ
To Whom It May Concern:

Jim Raposa was recommended to me by one of his long-time clients shortly after I decided to liquidate and close our family owned and operated western wear stores in suburban Seattle, Washington. I wish I'd met him A LOT earlier!

When Jim and I spoke of our advertising needs for the Going out of Business Sale, he told me the advertising would be in the realm of successful direct marketing campaigns: it wouldn't be sexy…but it WOULD be effective. Every dollar spent would be accountable. It was!

We went into our campaign with a specific sales target. The broadcast marketing Jim developed for us wasn't just effective; it went above and beyond our expectations. As we entered our final week, our sales were at 136% of that target! Additionally, Jim was wonderful to work with, professional, and he kept our message on target and customers coming through the door!

I heartily recommend Jim Raposa as the secret sauce for your marketing needs, and I hope to utilize his services in my future ventures.

Jerry Kavesh
Renton Western Wear, Inc.
Renton, WA