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How's your business?

Are you attracting all the clients, customers and patients you can ably serve, to your business?

Do you need more of them?

Do you want more of them?

If you answered yes, especially to either of those last two questions, I wonder how you're luring these prospects to you, your products or your services.

Okay, that's another question. I tend to ask my clients a bunch of questions, it helps me to help you.

Here's a few more…

Are you currently advertising your business?

How did you develop your marketing message?

Does your message grab your prospect's attention?

Did you know that you only have about
NINE SECONDS to do so!

What media are you utilizing to advertise your business?

How did you decide on the media you're currently using?

Are your advertising expenditures bearing fruit? Or do you keep running ads that don't work, in the hope that - eventually - enough people will respond to your ad and they'll flood you with plenty of business?

Running Bad, Underperforming (and Non-performing) Ads more often and Expecting Different Results, is the Marketing Definition of Insanity!

I know that was a rather blunt, politically INcorrect way to make my case. The statement, however direct, is true. Spending more money on bad marketing can kill your business; it's something I call Dead-End Marketing™. Read about it by TAPPING HERE. (A new window will open in your browser.)

What's the Key to Increased Business and Customers?

Three things: Words, Stories and Using the Right Media.

As a Marketing Strategist and Master Copywriter, I can tell you that marketing connects ONLY when it resonates with your desired audience.

Advertising designed to "build your brand" or to "Get your name out there" is both a waste of your time and financial resources. My marketing specialty is Direct-Marketing, which creates a trackable marketing platform which enables you to judge conclusively, which of your marketing efforts or media choices is working best at connecting customers with your offer.

Making that connection with a prospect requires you to get to the heart of what your client needs and how you can fill that need. Think of it this way…the customer has a problem and you have the remedy…the magic wand that makes trouble disappear and eliminates their anxious, sleepless nights of worry. Whether you sell insurance, financial services, legal representation, automotive repair, computer restoration, or virtually any service or product, you alone have the power to remove chaos from someone's life.

The "Who Cares?" Test…

This test requires the utmost honesty on your part. If your advertising provokes a "Who Cares?" response (or yawn, eye roll or rejection) by your audience, your hopes of making the sale have vanished.


Gone forever.
Riddle me this, Batman…

What is it that you and your business offer to someone that will wipe away fear, nagging doubt or make life better for them?

There's the key!

If your marketing message centers on how great you or your business is, you've wasted a great deal of money and laid an egg in the process.
Your Prospect Only Cares about
What's In It For Them!

To be fair, it is possible that you have the right message and the fix resides in using the right media. If your audience is found via broadcast advertising (Radio or TV) and you're advertising in print, you've tilted your bullhorn toward the sky.

If the message and delivery method (media) are correct, you stand a greater chance at connecting with your desired audience. And if your message can be delivered as a story, one in which your prospect sees them self in, your chance of success has risen dramatically.

That's how you pass the "Who Cares?" test in marketing and generate income.

Vague generalities are meaningless to your audience. Providing real, meaningful specifics via your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which illustrates why your product or service is a perfect match is what paves the way for sales now and in the future.

Done properly, you couldn't talk the prospect OUT of buying from you.

THAT'S how powerful the Direct-marketing approach is.

And it works with off-line and on-line media!

Don't take my word for it…look at what THESE FOLKS have to say about my contribution to their business success.
Shake Hands
with Jim.

That's me…Jim Raposa. You might know me as the host of The Street Savvy Marketer podcast or from my magazine articles and books on marketing or copywriting. Maybe this website is your introduction to me, my background and my services. A short bio is HERE.

Regardless of how - or if - you already know of me, my hunch is that you've come to this website for marketing advice and help.

Can I Help You?

It's quite possible that I CAN increase your business earnings with the right message, married to the right media. Fact is I'd first have to know a bit about you and what you're business offers your prospective customer, clients or patients.

I don't know how others work, but personally I can't possibly determine how best to write copy, suggest or develop a marketing strategy for you without first learning a bit about you, your business, your ideal prospect, your current (if any) referral systems and getting a glimpse of what has or hasn't worked in your marketing efforts.

Sound fair?

I'll be blunt, we may OR may not be able to work together depending on personality, budgets or timing…just being honest.

That said an initial 15 to 30 minute phone conversation gets the ball rolling to see if we're a good working fit and whether I can really help you at all. Sometimes, I'm not the right person, if so I'd rather tell you up-front, than build your hopes up and not deliver the goods for you.

How much is your first consultation?

ZIP! Your initial consultation is on ME!

No charge. Just send an e-mail.

I also encourage you to noodle around this website. Take a look at my copy samples from a wide variety of projects. I've also included my voice-over demo for your review. Yes, voice-overs and audio production are among the services I offer.

However our working paths intersect my thanks for visiting me here at Raposa Media.

Let's get started!


Jim Raposa


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