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You Could Be...And Not Even Know It!

As a business owner you know you have to market and advertise. But...

For most people, advertising media buys are decided with little, or no, input on:
  • The best media to use to reach your prospects.
  • The nuances of media buying (day-parts for Radio, shows for TV, or space for Print ads.)
  • The content of your ad or marketing piece.
All too often business owners place themselves at great peril by wasting marketing dollars with a poorly crafted message that creates a disconnect with their audience of customers and prospects.

This is usually done by placing you and your business as the focal point of the message. I know, this goes against conventional thinking...and not many people will share this dirty little marketing secret with you.

Especially media salespeople who have strict marching orders from their managers to sell airtime or space in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages...even the ad specialty salesperson trying to sell you on pens, calendars or Frisbees with your name and logo.


Dead-end Marketing can cripple businesses by draining money, not providing sufficient return on investment and in extreme cases...wiping out all you've worked so hard to create.
Have You Been Struggling to Attract Customers with Weak Copy
and Traditional Dead-End Marketing Practices?

How Some "Lucky" Business Owners Are Getting Rich by Laughing at Tired, Old Dead-End, "Me Too" Advertising Practices.

Expert Marketing Strategist and Copywriter Implements
Breakthrough Methods and Strategies for Clients In Need of
Marketing Their Business and Attracting Customers, Clients
and Patients in this precarious "New Economy!"

From:  Jim Raposa a/k/a "The Street Savvy Marketer"
Re:      How Exceptional Copy and Story-telling can Double,
            Triple or Even QUADRUPLE Your Business.
Reply: Requires Your

Dear Friend,

You and I both know the truth: Advertising and marketing ONLY works when the message you deliver is accurately in-tune with the real life of your customers and prospects. The days of "price and item" advertising has faded into the background with your prospects. If I may be blunt…

The American Way of
Life and Marketing Has Changed!

There was a time where you could develop and advertise your product or service with near 100% assurance that you would benefit with a parade of customers at your door. Things have changed. Current and prospective clients tend to block out hard sales messages, me-too advertising and marketing that does not build a bridge from where they are now, to where they wish to be. That's called...

Building Rapport.

Show them how your product or service alleviates an issue in their lives. This simple shift in how you frame your message helps you avoid positioning your business to dud clients and begin a targeted campaign toward people who really need what you offer - the cream of the client crop.
It costs just as much to talk to and attract great, fee-resistant clients as it does to speak to folks with barely enough money to spend on food and shelter. To borrow a phrase from the late Jim Rohn: "This is mistake colossal!"

Most business owners and marketers don't understand this; they have no strategy whatsoever. Their idea of a customer acquisition strategy is…

"Whomever we can get!"

If you're trying to build or start your business playing the marketing game with yesterday's rules, you'll be stuck in a vicious cycle…never reaching your income and life goals.

Sure, you can adopt a positive attitude and keep marching forward, spending your hard-earned dollars on marketing that barely produces a trickle of business…but why stick with outdated "me too" advertising concepts that simply aren't working? This does not attract a "super-class" of clients, customers or patients.


Is the figure in your bank account what you hoped it
  would be today?
Do you want to LEAP FROG over your competition, yet
  you feel hampered by marketing and advertising
  methods which have not brought the ROI you expected
  to see?
Do you want BUYERS
Are you feeling stressed when you start your workday 
  and even more stressed at the end of your workday?
Are you working HARDER and LONGER with
  show for it each month?

Aligning With a Copywriter and Marketing
Strategist is The Same as Having a Golden Key which Unlocks the Door to Hidden Treasure In Your Business.

Before you have to start interviewing Bankruptcy Attorney's, let me tell you about one of the biggest secrets you're probably missing out on in the marketing of your business…

A business relationship with an expert Copywriter and Marketing Strategist who can create a compelling message and guide you through the right media choices to find new customers, clients and patients; and help you sell more products and services to the one's you currently have.

This is a relationship you cannot afford to be without. Here's why:

Traditional "me too" advertising lays an egg these days.
There are Four Things Your Customers and
Prospects Demand to Know about Your Product or
Service Before They'll Give You a Dime!
Your Marketing Should Explain…
1) Why they should listen to you.
2) Why they should believe you.
3) Why they should do anything
about what you're offering.
4) Why they should act now.


Most Radio, Television and print media outlets, the promotional pen salesman, the coupon saleswoman…they all want to sell you on visibility and branding.

That might work for McDonald's, but do you have their ad budget?

Visibility and branding are buzz words, the fluffy pie-in-the sky stuff that's used to get you excited and put money in the ad salesperson's pocket, with ZERO guarantees or benefit to you or your business.

You'll probably fall in love with the ad they produce for you, too. That's a trap! (I'll explain why in a moment.)

With your check in their hand, the media sales rep goes off to the next business owner, always with the same pitch.

And when the ad (the one you fell in love with) doesn't increase business for you, it's NEVER their fault.

Alas, Dear Brutus, the fault lay not in the stars, not with the expensive media you bought…

The Fault Is All Yours!

That's what the perky salesperson is trained to tell you. They'll say you didn't buy enough media time or large enough ad space to run that clunker of an advertisement to begin with. If they're really good at convincing you of this…they'll sell you MORE ad space or air time and you'll hand over another check with hopes riding high once more.

It sounds nutty…but it happens.

Dirty Little Marketing Secret #1:
If The Ad Didn't Work the First Time, Running
It More Often
Won't Attract Customers!

Buying into the trap of running lousy ads more often, has CRUSHED more businesses…and probably helped to support more than a few bankruptcy lawyers pay their kid's college tuition and buy themselves a shiny, new Lexus each year!

Other business owners, the one's I work with, don't get sucked into this pattern. It's one of the reasons they've become amazingly rich (and you won't hear a peep out of them because they keep a super low profile).

If you want to…
Upgrade your marketing message…
Raise the bar on your conversion rate…
If you desire quality clients…

You and I should be talking!

If you continue to allow ego to dictate your media buying decisions…


The hard truth is that our shaky economy has fostered a noisy and viciously competitive marketplace. Media is costly. This is why it's imperative you meet your prospective client, customer or patient where they are in life, right now. Ignore that fact at your own financial peril!

When your marketing assets are written and told properly, your audience connects with you, relates to you and feels they know you better. Don't be quick to edit yourself just to look perfect, either. People buy from the folks they know and trust.

Bob Dylan sang of changing times more than 50 years ago. The "20-teens" make the 1960s look like a fantasy! These days change happens daily - almost hourly. Frank Sinatra once sang: "You're riding high in April, shot down in May." These days the Big Shot at Breakfast is the Noonday Pauper…blindsided and stripped of reputation and income…left behind.

If you can't keep up with market changes…
If you don't have a marketing professional in your corner…

You'll be left to wither and die while those who do keep up…


What's your story? You're probably blind to the greatest marketing tool and it could be sitting under your nose, collecting dust…long forgotten. A story.


Every business, every service provider (whether Doctor, Entertainer, Lawyer, Realtor®, Plumber, etc.) has a story. A manufacturing client of mine was sitting on a very compelling story of his Dad started the family business my client now operates and the various high-profile professional boards he sits on.

To him, these were old stories hardly worth thinking of, not wanting to brag about accomplishments. To prospects, this cemented the notion of longevity, expertise, strength and peace of mind that this company (and my client) is their obvious and only choice to do business with.


Do You REALLY Know The Type of Client You Need To Attract and Speak To?

A good chunk of my work as a Marketing Strategist and Copywriter is centered on answering that question. When we know who your target audience or market is, we go to work to find and reach them through uncommon, yet highly effective marketing strategies.

It's called DIRECT-RESPONSE MARKETING. Few copywriters are skilled in writing for customer acquisition and conversion in this arena.

I am One of those Few Copywriters!

No, this isn't merely about targeting prospects based on age, gender or income. It's about identifying loyal "whale clients" and getting to the root cause of their deepest emotional and psychological barriers. Show your target you have the key to what ails, frustrates or keeps them up at night and you're on the right track with your message.

It's about painting a strong story; showing them how transformative your service or product is and motivating them to buy.


The path to successful marketing is littered with landmines. It's far more sophisticated than merely buying airtime, print space or pay-per-click ads, then hoping and praying it works! I work directly with B2B and B2C clients, Publishers and Marketing Firms of all sizes.

If you're a representative or principal of
an ad agency or marketing firm, I ask you…

Do you have copywriters who are expertly trained
  and field tested to write copy which creates revenue
  or do they focus on branding? There is a difference.
Do you ever find it helpful to hire an outside
  copywriter with a strategic marketing mind to work
  with your team on a campaign, concept or special
Do you ever feel compelled to quietly bring in a
  copywriter, skilled in direct-marketing, to address
  copy issues for a major client? To secretly write that
  copy, away from the glare of your staff, and elevate
  your value to your client?


Doesn't it make sense to invest in a business association with me…NOW…while the grass is still greener - and BEFORE your competition catches on?

This Is Your Moment… Your Golden Opportunity to Upgrade Your Clientele, to Find Ideal Customers, Clients and Patients worth 5x to 50x More than Your Average Customer.

The correct copy, written by the right copywriter can help you accomplish this and more!

If you want to upgrade your marketing message…
If you want to raise the bar on your conversion rate…
If you desire quality clients…

We should be talking to one another!

I'm Jim Raposa, a/k/a
The Street Savvy Marketer…

As a Marketing/Media Strategist, Copywriter, Author and Commercial Producer, I'm here to tell you that upgrading and attracting top-notch clients is a systematic process.

It starts by identifying who you wish, or need, to attract with your marketing. This is the service I provide to my clients. In order to develop the right message for your business, we start with a 15 to 20 minute conversation to see if we're a match.

There's no obligation and I'll pay for that initial consultation. Yep, it's on my dime.
A minimum $250 value!

If we're not a good fit for each other, we part company on friendly terms. You might walk away with an idea or two and (possibly) a referral to someone who might be better equipped to work with you.

If we decide to work together on a marketing or copywriting project, we'll discuss next steps during the initial call and proceed.


Just TAP HERE to select a timeslot that best works for you to schedule your initial Diagnostic Phone Consultation. Remember, I'm picking up the tap for this initial 15 to 20 minute conversation. Time slot availability is limited.

One more thing, this website is loaded with samples of work I've done for clients (including myself as client) across a diverse roster of business sectors. If you don't see your exact business represented, don't automatically presume yours is out of my wheelhouse. Look around!

Thanks so much for your time.

Jim Raposa
"The Street Savvy Marketer"

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